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Warby Barker


The Dogocle

Thought to derive from the Latin monoculus ("one-eyed"), the dogocle rose to popularity in the mid-19th century. Like a delicate ocular pet, the lens is attached to a wearer's collar by means of a silk string or chain. Early frames were made of luxury materials, such as bone or horn.

Like all costly technologies, the dogocle quickly become a status symbol. The look was especially favored by wealthy dogs, who used dogocles for activities such as examining wine lists and counting piles of gold.

In 1897 a journalist observed, with disapproval, that such dogs were "putting on airs" and "growing too big for their breeches"; ignoring the truth that dogs do not wear breeches.

Warby Barker is proud to continue a legacy of canine optical achievement.



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